The image of a woman in the media is by no means what she really should be. She is now sexist, misogynistic, portraying women in a degrading way, because it is more important how she is dressed and combed than what she is actually.

Media is one of the crucial factors that shape the image of a woman in the media, and which creates a standard that will be accepted by young generations and will want to follow.

Media should be interested not to represent a permanent woman as a victim but as a successful, serious and business person.

Snezana Milivojevic, a professor at the Faculty of Science in Belgrade, said that we live in a world of information that is predominantly male, and that the results of the study show that women are exposed in less than a quarter of the news. When it comes to gender equality, the first association is always domestic violence against women and then the poor economic situation of women.

Minister of Construction and Transport – Zorana Mihajlovic gave an example of gender inequality in media; she said: “Can you imagine a government colleague of mine answering the question of what kind of socks he is wearing, whether he tattooed his eyebrows, whether he is going to get married, have children…”.

The main problem is that it is easier for women to fain space in the media when they need to comment on someone’s appearance, evaluate how they follow fashion, then when asked as politicians, women entrepreneurs or managers for opinions on topics related to citizen’s lives.

Media coverage of men’s violence against women and its most brutal term-murder, is becoming more tabloid and less exploratory every year. Instead of respecting the victim, they often receive condemnation, etiquette, humiliation. The articles are less about the history of violence and more about teasing women’s intimacy in the search for compromising information. Such texts encourage the prejudice that women are guilty when they are victims of violence and that men’s violence against women is justified.

Written by the Serbian team

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