Looking for your gender identity can be sometimes really hard.

We would like to present you an interesting story of one person who is looking for own gender identity. Are you sure about your gender identity?

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Anna. Anna was a regular girl who played with dolls, Barbie and Ken. When she was fourteen, she realized she liked Ken more than Barbie. She was confused and started to search herself.

Her first step was to try different style. She chose EMO style. She completely changed her wardrobe and appearance. She dyed her hair to black color, wore black dress, army shoes, strong black lined and lips.

After a while cutting and injuring herself by blade became normal. Her parents didn’t see it and they couldn’t help her. They thought that it’s just teenager’s excess. But Anna thought that nobody understands her and she lost all her friends.

And one day Anna tried to kill herself. Her parents found her in the last minute and took her to hospital. Her mother and father realized she didn’t pretend her problems.

In the hospital Anna had a lot of care from psychologists and therapists. These specialists were the first who rally tried to help her. After sessions in the hospital she realized she had another sex orientation. She became a lesbian.

She found girlfriend, she recovered and she was finally happy. Then she broke up and her bad blood returned. She started to doubt her gender identity and she was thinking about changing her sex.

Before her transformation she had to visit a lot of specialists and pass variety of tests.

At present, she’s in her transformation process. She has already lost her breasts, has changed her voice and has had more manly characteristics. The only thing she has left in her body are ovaries. She has also changed her name to neutral one. Now Anna is Peter.

But life can be really surprising and difficult. Peter just met one handsome boy and they are happy couple now.

So has Anna found her right gender identity or Peter is just one of many episodes in her/his life?

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