-The opportunities of women to participate in political life-

In Romania, it has been adopted several laws which allow women to have equal rights as men, but the women have not the same political representation as men have.

In Romania, by average 23% of women participate to the presidential elections and 16% of these ones are elected. The disadvantages (main ones) are the cultural stereotypes, the attitudes, values, women and prejudices regarding the position of the women in society. The belief that has been perpetuated over the years is that women must stay at home taking care of family, because they are not capable to take decisions or to be the leader of an organization, as men are doing.

The attitudes are respected by the violence against the women, for example: one of the women is the subject to abuses. These women are also having disadvantages regarding economical side. 52% of the women and 65% of men are participating in an active way on the work field. The women have lower salaries than men. They are earning 59% of men’s income.

The cultural stereotypes and their effect on the women position in society are offensive because they stop them from feeling that they are capable of participating to election.

Nowadays, the women candidates and chosen ones are in minority. Also, a lot of pressure is put on them and the expectations are bigger than in case of men.

Written by the Romanian team

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