The workers in Media Sphere in Slovenia think that in general gender inequality (in reporting) in Slovenia is not a problem. But at the same time they stereotype them and take them as granted, which means they unconsciously accept inequality which appears as discrimination in a new way – denial of its existence, so we are dealing with the principle of minimization of the gender role and we are maximising the role of personal interest and hard work.

The researches on this field started to appear (cca.) in the last 20 years. They are showing that the law is more or less generally based, which exposes and protects more the cases of sexual abuse/mobbing and do not regulate appearance of genders in the media industry. 

Media producers are aware of the importance of gender equality, but at the same time they are giving excuses and reasong why they in some positions of media industry hire less women than men, which actually proves that the problematic about stereotipization exists. 

Statistics shows that women are more and more leaving the media positions, because of the preferation of one of the genders. For example: men most of the time occupy the positions of leading manager and main editor, which gives them access to technological innovation and professional growth. At the same time women occupy the positions of assistants, admistrational workers, hosts, make up artists, which are in general more static positions. Also there are less women than men who have a signed contract for being fully employed and they also have shortened working time, which shows us gender inequality in media. 

Statistics shows that leading positions are occupied only by 20 % of women who mork in media industry, while at the same time there is 41 % of women who occupy lower positions in media industry. The pay gap also exists (10-20 %).  

We can prove that the gender is one of the ideologies which create the appearance of a media worker (Male/Female) in Slovenia.

Alja Flisar, Valeriya Koval 

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