In this case we are going to talk about gender inequality that still exist in schools in Spain. It is still an authentic gender inequality for children between three and five years old. Children in school still wear uniforms. Girls in school must wear skirts. For some girls this is stresfull and uncomfortable for them. Most of the preschool teachers are women and in the higher clases of primary school teachers are men. It is also important to note the number of non-mixed schools in Spain. It is around 170 centers and all of them are private or arranged. In some schools we already have lessons about gender equality but it is problem that they are not speaking about that topic at home.

In education system in Slovenia we can see diferences betwen gender from the very first games that children are playing in Preschool because through the games they are creating little groups depends from the game they like the most. Girls are playing with dolls, later they like games as role playing in typical female professons and chores (cooking etc.) They prefer to play in smaller groups (2 to 3) and without superior person. Boys are playing with cars, toy’s, tools and role play in typical male professions and activities (reparing etc.) and in bigger groups. In that time they prefer to play in groups with the same gender.

Because of the stereotypes, parents trust more in school system that has female teachers. Role of the Preschool is also seen in curriculum, where you can see that in history they are representing famous history’s events where there were more male persons included. Children are reading fairytales that also has an effect on them. Women are shown more sensitive and careful, while men are shown as brave and bossy. Preschool has a big influence on unequality between gender, because children spend most of the day there. Preschool has educational role and big role to raising children. Children goes into Primary school at age 6 and it’s obligatory for everyone. Researches show that girls in primary school are more successful than boys. Girls are more obeying, hardworking and they prefer more socialogical classes. Boys prefer natural science classes and they don’t participate in class as much as girls. Girls are in general choosing sports that include small groups and roles are equality. Boys are deciding for bigger group sports and they are looking or want to be a leader. Researches show that seperation in gender increased within years. It is still a trend that girls are deciding for gymnasium, hairdresser school and cosmetic schools when they go to high school. Boys prefer to go to technical schools and schools that after 4 years has some profession. Trends are changing through years so we see that some high schools already have gender balance in classes. Also in faculties it is more and more seen that we have balance in gender, except special faculties as Faculty of education for women and Facutly of mechanical engineering for women.

Education in Macedonia start in early years when we are in Preeschool. Where we recognize gender inequality (girls are playing with girls and boys with boys). In elementary school that continue because teachers don’t use inclusive instructional practices and don’t promote gender equality, they should do it because the school as it is educational also they are supposed to raise children to be better persons. In high school students are older and they decide alone for their frineds (company). Since puberty is coming here, the first love and gender equality is overcome. When they are starting with faculty in that time students don’t respect equality. Even female professors are putting much effort to raise awareness about gender equality in society which is not very effective. In society is everything conecting with patriarhal structure in family.

We chosed that toping, because we think, that is important to warn youth, adults and parents about gender inequality. Based od previous examples it can be seen, that we are improving in that topic.

Authors: Maja Kvrgic, Lea Vrsic, Maria Perez, Martin Trajkovski

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