Polish society has strong sense of national identity based on religious beliefs. Church have big influence on politics and media. Polish government is strongly right-winged.

First March of Pride was organised in Warsaw in 2001. In 2004 and 2005 Marches were prohibited by president of capital city Lech Kaczyński, but they took place despite the bans. In 2004 Marches of Pride started to been organised in other big cities of Poland too. All of Parades were blocked by nationalists.

Cause of prohibition of local government Marches got support of left-wing of government and they got much bigger interest of polish society. Ban of Parade was beginning of using it as political tool for splitting society and getting bigger number of electorates.

In right-winged media cause of influence of church politics of gender were shown as the biggest evil who can deprive and destroy polish values and society. All people who were identifying themselves in different categories than basic ones were stigmatised as hedonists, creatures who are live against to nature and God’s laws. From other side left-winged media they were shown as normal people who want to fight for their rights and freedom of expression, possibility to create families. 

Cause of big influence of church on polish society most of it was against to existence of trans peoples. Support of left-wingers for Parades helped to get more electorates for them what made left-wing of government much stronger but still not enough to win elections for now.

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