Have you never think about how much the resources affect the women’s life?

Do you know the different experiences that you can have if you have money or not?

If you have money or other kind of resources you have the possibility to do a lot of things and maybe it’s easier to be successful. If you don’t have resources your life for sure is more complicated!

If you are born in a family with resources (es. middle class) you have the possibility to concentrate yourself on studies, and you will have more job opportunities !

If your resources are meager you need to work if you want to study and maybe the possibility to finish your studies in time is more difficult, so you can lose some job opportunities and the experiences that teenagers are supposed to do!

And what happened if you couldn’t have study?

Probably you are starting to work at sixteen or before and maybe your job dont’t satisfied at all yourself.

On the other and if you have studied your job should be better with a better wage and maybe could find a more satisfied one!

And don’t forget that maybe these women have a family!

So a part the job you need to take care of the home, the “man”, the children, the wash machine, the toaster… So no FREE TIME!!!

Maybe if you have a good job, you can helped in your domestic stuff and have free time and spend it for your-self!

What this the imagine that society has about the according to resources?

Surely if you appear well dressed maybe with branded clothes, more pretty etc… you will bee more respected than women who hasn’t this kind of stuff.

In this case you could suffer a double discrimination: first because you are a woman (It’s well know how the society discriminate women) and second one, if you are poor you are considered not useful for the society.

So what is the point?

We are talking about gender equality but women suffer also inequality inside her gender. Women discriminate other women respecting the status that they have, so maybe before speak about male discrimination on women we must solve the problem inside the woman gender.

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