Do you really want to waste the 50% of human resources in your country? Do you really want to lose possibility to develop your country? Do you think that you can let it happen?

The urban and the rural area are divided. But in the same time, they have common interest and challenges. Especially for women. It is neccessary to speak about it! Lets see, what’s the difference and the similtarity between our countries.


  • mentality
  • education
  • egsistence


  • to much duties
  • lowest place in the hierarchy of society
  • time to act – power to change

Let’s see what inspiring examples from the urban and the rural are, from a hungarian city and from the polish countryside!

„And today, now she standing on the stage, speaking to hundreds, share her ideas to thousends. She stands there, as a fierce women, with rose-red hips, and speaks about that the change is in you, mothers, grandmothers and daughters, and it’s time to act, it’s time to do something for you future, for your sons and husbands and fathers – for yourself! And those, who are sitting in the chair of power, they are smiling and laughing and making jokes about her, but inside, they have fear in their heart. Because they feel, they alread lost this battle against she.

And yesterdey she was just a regular mother, as regular as thousends of women in our city, in any other city. Mother of two, wife of a husband, daugther of our time. Working as a teacher, never complained, accept her fate.

What’s happened then?

Why did she decide to stand on the stage?

Why did she put herself in danger, against the autocracy of the country?

What was the last drop in the glass?

Actually, it doesnt matter. It’s really not neccessary to know, where was the boiling point, when she said: enough! Enough of the terror, the threatining. Too many sons, husbands and fathers escape already to country to a different land to work and earn money for the family. Too much time was spend on Skype, the only way you can speak with your man, because there is no work and no place for them in your country. Too much opression, too much aggression, too much greedines and tyranny she and thoussnds of men and women let the ones in power to do, to do against the nation.

Its time to say: enough!


And the very exact moment, when she said it, it’s changed everything. It’s started, and she did the heaviest step to change the country. She showed to people, there is no more fear in her heart, she is ready to act and ready to change things.

And today, now she is standing on the stage, speaking to hundreds, share her ideas to thousends. She stands there, as a fierce women, with rose-red hips, and speaks about that the change is in you. The changes is ours. And we already won.”

From Polish perspective it looks similar. Katarzyna Sztop – Rutkowska, yesterday mother, neighbour, university tutor, today everything of them plus candidate on president of BiaŁystok. It is a good example how to change own life and local community. During the campaigne she engaged a hundred of people to be active part of society. She doesn’t win – someone could say – big deal but what the most important she show how to start in politics and how to take case of own hands.

Inicjatywa dla Białegostoku – miasto w rękach mieszkańców

Inicjatywa dla Białegostoku – oddolny ruch mieszkańców, który przekształcił się w komitet wyborczy wyborców i wystawia swoich kandydatów w wyborach samorządowych 2018 w Białymstoku. Liderką ruchu jest Katarzyna Sztop-Rutkowska –

Posted by Inicjatywa dla Białegostoku on Четвртак, 18. октобар 2018.

Beside she lose – achive only 5% or as many as – she doesn’t complain don’t give up just try to get out conclusion and start to prepare to a new campain for 3 years. It show that it was a small step in her carier and huge leap for community to be engaged in the

Interesting things, during the debate one of left wing candidate left elections and suport her arque that in him flat manage the wife so it’s a time that the city should be manage by the women.

Dont forget: its never to late to start something. Your fate is in absolutaly your hands. Don’t waste your possibilites, to make your country better. As the example shows, it is possible to achive some positive result. And maybe the most important to just start, and take the first step. Every revolution start with a small little step!

Marcin Idzkowski
Zoltan Mester

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